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    The time is begining at June 25, 2001. Before called as Krybrig, Ltd. is known as Red Wing Software. Since that time till today, King Kassle is the one and only man standing behind the personal company. Although as personal company didn't mean closed for another voluntary which want to join Krybrig, Ltd. Do you want create a free software with Krybrig name ? ... don't be shy to contact us.

    Web Navigation

    To make the sites exploration we decide to divide the navigation control into three section. First is the products navigation which is located at the right columns, this navigation is to make exploring our products easier and directly. On the left columns is the bookmark navigation to get the sections directly. And the last navigation control is the general navigation in the bottom center, this is to exploring general pages.

    Operating System
    Our product isn't focused on single Operating System. To make sure visitor get the right products, we use the Operating System logos which is should be unique. Click on the logos to download the files for its Operating System.



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