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    MaiLandeR is an unique e-mail client. Compact and original interface design which will give a new experience. By its size (less than 350kb) and the ability to export / import e-mail(s) is very suitable for adventurer type of users which require a portable e-mail client to fit in their pocket. No installation is required, just run and enjoy.
    MaiLandeR support SMTP to sending e-mails and POP to receiving e-mails. To give extra flexibility MaiLandeR also support multi-processing, which mean users can receiving and sending e-mail while reading, writing, or managing e-mail / contact in the same time. Almost basic features also included such as reply, forward, and multi- attachment and multi-recipient. Due the popularity of use, some basic function is removed such as CC and BCC. Also because some limitation, HTML and inline-text mail content isn't yet supported.
    The export/import features allow users to save (export) an e-mails into a single files which can be merged (import) again to mailbox. This is good features when users want to download the e-mail from internet cafe, school, or office and then read the e- mails at home.
    The simple built-in contacts manager is very helpfull when writing e-mails for single recipient or multi recipients. To help users managing the e-mails, creating new mailbox is not impossible.
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