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    Allghoujo is unique file splitter which can produce self-merge script for linux or windows or both to merge splitted files, it mean linux allghoujo users can create self- merge script for windows users. Since allghoujo always creating self-merge script, there is no need to have allghoujo to merge the splitted files.
    By identifying the splitted files with number in the files extention, allghoujo can create up to 999 pieces of file. And the file-size is higly customizable and to ease of use, allghoujo give a preset of file-size to fit on floppies size. For windows version of allghoujo is also possible to split a big files by number of pieces which mean allghoujo will create a splitted files by users preferred number, the file-size of the pieces is automagically generated by allghoujo.


  • Self-Merge script for Linux and/or Windows
  • Up to 999 pieces of splitted files
  • Highly customizable splitted file-size
  • System Requirements
    Operating System = Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP or Linux
    Software = X Windows System (Linux)
    Disk Space = 180 Kb (Linux), 226 Kb (Windows)
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