by King Kassle
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    GhanDOS 1-0

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    GhanDOS is DOS based software to manage any installed application, so the execution is easier. No need to typing the long command-line anymore, it can be done by selecting menu on the screen. When executing applications, GhanDOS will take no memory which mean the applications get the full memory amount, just like when executing via command-line.
    GhanDOS can store unlimited number of application. The screen will display up to 14 items, which can be a folder or shortcut. And every folder can store another 14 items. Some application (eg.:, pkzip.exe) supporting command-line options, this kind of applications is also supported by GhanDOS, when the application is executed it will show-up a line-bar to type the options to be used for the application.


  • Unlimited number of items (shortcut and/or folder)
  • Command-Line options support
  • No memory degradation when executing application
  • System Requirements
    Operating System = DOS (MS-DOS, PC-DOS, FreeDOS, DR-DOS, etc.)
    Disk Space = 50 Kb
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